Logitech Revue with Google TV Lonely TV Advertisement Shown Off, Terrifies

If you're a nay-sayer of Google, you've probably said something akin to the fact that they steal/have all of your information. Even what you've searched for on Google gets saved somewhere, so someone can see it whenever they want. Sure, it may not jibe well with people's perception of security or privacy, and that's perfectly understandable. And we'll just go ahead and say this: Logitech isn't helping things with this new advertisement, titled "Lonely TV," that showcases the disparity between you, your TV, and the Internet.

The ad's supposed to show you why that disparity isn't right, and that you should actually be closer to those things. And no, not just your TV, and not just the Internet. But all of them, all at once. But let's face it, just looking at that image above, which is taken from the advertisement itself, just goes to show why the ad is missing its target. So, without ruining the surprise for you any more, go ahead and watch the ad below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via Engadget]