Logitech reveals Cooling Pad N100

I'm all for added laptop gadgets, and there's probably none so useful as the cooling pad. Logitech is known for making pretty good accessories, so my interest was piqued when I learned the company released their Cooling Pad N100 today.

The Cooling Pad N100 is like most other cooling pads–it's powered by USB and runs a fan that cools your laptop from the bottom. I've had a few of this sort of device in my time and most don't work too well. However, this one looks rather sturdy and like it's up for the challenge of cooling even–gasp!–my leg-burning-hot MacBook.

You can get the Logitech Cooling Pad N100 by the end of this month for $29.99. Also on the docket is the N110, which is a notebook riser. It doesn't have a fan in it, but it does push the laptop off of your legs and places the screen at an optimum viewing angle. The N110 has the same price tag as the N100.

[via Gadget Review]