Logitech Global Fan Collection M317 wireless mice debut clad in national flags

Logitech has been making mice and other computer peripherals for a very long time. The company makes some of the most popular mice out there and it is back with a new series of wireless mice. The new series is called The Global Fan Collection and all are designed to support national and team pride.

Logitech doesn't really say what sort of fans the mice are designed to woo, it really doesn't matter if your sport is soccer, football, or the Olympics, everyone takes pride in their national flag. The mouse used for the collection is the Logitech Wireless Mouse M317.

There are 13 different flag designs that you can get on the mouse. Logitech does say that they may not all be available in all regions. The flags available include the US, Argentina, UK, Brazil, France, Italy, Nederland, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Portugal, and Germany. Each of the flag bearing mice is $29.99.

The wireless mouse includes a very small Logitech Unifying Receiver that you can plug in your USB port and leave. The wireless range is up to 25 meters. Logitech also claims that the mouse can go a full year on a single AA battery. The sensitivity of the mouse is unknown.

SOURCE: Logitech