Logitech G915 gaming keyboard goes tenkeyless for 2020

Last year, Logitech rolled out its G915 Lightspeed wireless gaming keyboard. Today, it's back with a new version of the keyboard that seems mostly the same as the last save one major difference: this new version of the G915 is a tenkeyless model. If you're the type who likes to drop the number pad to save some space, then Logitech is targeting you with this new launch.

Beyond the lack of a number pad, the G915 TKL – as it's officially called – still boasts the main selling points of last year's model. The keyboard itself is still built using aluminum alloy and uses Logitech's low-profile GL mechanical key switches. In addition to the missing number pad, the G915 TKL also does away with the G Keys that typically adorn Logitech's gaming keyboards.

In all, Logitech says that the G915 TKL clocks in at about 3-inches shorter than the original model, making it a better choice for smaller desk spaces and for portability. While we doubt there are many LAN parties happening at the moment, the G915 TKL could be a good option if you plan to attend them regularly once we aren't in the middle of a global pandemic.

As with many of Logitech G's premium accessories, the G915 TKL also supports Lightspeed wireless tech and Lightsync RGB. Lightspeed, as we've seen in a number of Logitech G mice, keeps wireless latency to a minimum while Lightsync allows you to use Logitech G Hub software to sync up the RGB lighting across all of your accessories (assuming, of course, that your other accessories support Lightsync as well).

The G915 TKL is available at Logitech's website today with your choice of GL Clicky, Tacticle, or Linear switches. Get ready to throw down some significant cash to own one, because regardless of the switches you choose, the G915 TKL will set you back $229.99.