Logitech G HERO 25K sensor has unexpected news for existing mouse owners

Logitech announced today that it has upgraded its HERO optical sensor once more. First introduced in 2016, Logitech upgraded and released the HERO 16K sensor for the first time in 2018 with the launch of the G PRO wireless mouse. Now it's upgrading the sensor for a second time, bringing it from a max DPI of 16,000 to 25,600 and naming it, appropriately, HERO 25K.

You won't need to buy a new mouse to take advantage of the upgraded sensor either, as Logitech is upgrading the HERO sensor in a number of existing mice with an update through its Logitech G Hub software. The mice getting the upgrade include the G903 HERO, G502 Lightspeed, PRO Wireless, G703 HERO, G604, G502 HERO, G403 HERO, and the Pro.

Keep in mind that in this case, the G903, G703, G502, and the G403 are themselves upgraded versions of the original mice that were given the HERO 16K sensor when that rolled out a couple of years ago. So, if you have the standard G903, G703, G502, or G403, it sounds like you'll have to sit this update out.

In any case, Logitech announced today that the HERO 25K is the "first sensor that can accurately track movement at the sub-micron level." It was also surprisingly straightforward in saying that sub-micron tracking is "mostly impractical for most players to use," and noting that this update is instead to reflect "the performance potential of the HERO architecture and sensor performance."

Logitech also says that the HERO 25K is capable of that sub-micron tracking without the use of mouse smoothing and that even when it's used at a high DPI, it's still "10x more power efficient than previous Logitech G sensors." All in all, it sounds like a nice update to an already solid sensor, particularly since you're getting it for free. If you have one of the mice listed above, be sure to check out G Hub for this update to HERO 25K.