Login and Pay with Amazon adds new online payment method

Amazon has announced that it has launched a new payment service that will allow websites to make Amazon customers their own customers. The payment service is called Login and Pay with Amazon. The service promises to streamline customer transactions with online merchants and makes it easier for buyers to pay.

Anyone who shops online frequently knows that it can be very time-consuming to set up accounts with various online stores. The idea behind Login and Pay with Amazon is that websites owners can integrate this button allowing shoppers to pay without having set up an account or enter credit card information.

Amazon wants the new service to replace guest checkouts. It is an believes the new payment option will lead to improved services for shoppers such as the ability to manage and track orders, provide purchase history details, and offer instant access to payment methods and shipping addresses all without having to set up accounts on individual websites. Amazon's new service will work on tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers.

The service has clear benefits for shoppers and it has benefits for online merchants as well. Amazon says that merchants using its new service will get low pricing for payment services and product protection from Amazon. Amazon's payment service never shares the customer's credit card information and purchases are covered by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee giving the same transaction protection buyers receive when purchasing on Amazon.com. Amazon's Login and Pay with Amazon APIs are available for website owners right now.

SOURCE: Amazon