Logic3 JiveBox iPod sound system

Logic3 has launched the JiveBox, an apparently cubed iPod speaker system. If it is a perfect cube, then its 15cm cubed in size, not bad for all its packing.

Inside you will find a 90 watt RMS power source, a sub, 2 mids, 2 highs, an iPod dock, and a Digital Signal Processor. The sub is a 5.25-inch Hi-X woofer, the 2 mids are 3-inches a piece, and the pair of tweeters is 1-inch each.

There is also an LED light bar on the outside as well as a remote, and yes, it does recharge your iPod while connected. If all of this power in such a small package interests you, feel free to cough up the £149.99 any time now.

Logic3 launches JiveBox – compact iPod sound system with a hefty output [via techdigest]