Loctite unveils optically clear adhesive for touch panel display assembly

If you ever work on cars or motorcycles, you probably used red or blue Loctite in the past to keep nuts and bolts from vibrating off. That's not all Loctite offers because the company now has new clear adhesives for the assembly of touch panels and other displays. This sort of adhesive is very important in the manufacture of smartphones and tablets along with other devices because, as iPhone owners have found in the past, adhesives that take a long time the cure can make screens yellowish.

Loctite calls the new adhesives Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives or LOCA. The company says that the adhesive use a special dual cure technology that fully cures in shadow areas and offers reduced shrinkage allowing for the control of display distortion. What that means is this adhesive should reduce display issues in the smartphones and tablets we all know and love.

The company offers several different adhesives for different needs, including some that can heat cure in only a minute at 80°C. The company also claims that the adhesives help improve the strength and durability of the displays. Loctite says that its adhesives can increase ball drop impact resistance as much as 300% for displays with gaps of up to 1 mm.