Locky uses keys to make regular house locks smarter

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 4, 2018, 4:09 pm CDT
Locky uses keys to make regular house locks smarter

Smart home locks are expensive, particularly if more than one is needed to adequately update the house. A new alternative has arrived in the form of Locky, a device that attaches to a house key, transforming the regular dumb lock it belongs to into a smarter, more capable system. The device and its app supports unlocked door alerts, lock sharing, and more.

A smart door lock involves a connected lock that is installed on the door, but Locky is different — this device attaches to the existing house key, transforming it into something that resembles a key fob. The tech exists for the key, not the lock itself, but the experience is similar regardless.

When the key is retracted into Locky, the device resembles a flash drive. The device works with a mobile app, which delivers alerts if the key is still in the door or if the door is unlocked. The app also presents a history of when the door has been locked and unlocked.

The team behind Locky presents some benefits over smart locks, including the lack of door installation and the fact that because the key is still used, it’s impossible for someone to hack the lock for access. Assuming the battery dies or some other unforeseen issue arises, the user won’t have any issues using the lock.

Locky is said to be compatible with 90-percent of house locks; it has a battery life of one year and includes a tracker-like feature, which allows the user to find their key using a phone when it is lost. The device is being funded on Kickstarter, where Locky has been fully funded and offered starting at $55 USD.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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