Lockbook is an old school paper notebook with biometric security

We don't have much use for paper in everyday life...except when it comes to taking notes. Many people haven't grown accustomed to writing their notes on a tablet and find paper overall easier. The big issue with paper notes, though, is security — things you write out on a tablet or type out on a laptop can be encrypted, hidden behind a password, or any number of things. If you need similar security but don't want to give up on physical notes, Lockbook aims to be the solution.

According to the company behind Lockbook, FPlife Technology, this is the first ever notebook featuring a fingerprint reader that unlocks the book for only its owner. This is made possible via a clasp of sorts in which a biometric scanner is located. If your fingerprint isn't one of the options for unlocking the device, you won't be able to open it (short of breaking out some destructive tools).

The lock is an active semiconductor sensor and it is said to have a lifetime of more than 10 million unlocking instances. The reaction time is less than half a second, and up to two fingerprints can be registered at any given time, meaning up to two people can have access. It is powered by a 160mAh battery featuring a microUSB charing port.

The company plans to offer the notebook in a variety of colors and styles, including lace black or smooth black, brown, red, lace orange, and lace pink. The notebook uses a binder-style ring assembly so that pages can be added and removed. There are also pockets and slots for small things like business cards or similar. The product is being funded on Indiegogo, where it currently has raised more than double its goal with 25 days left. Backers can get the Lockbook bundle for $69 USD, with shipping starting in June.