Lock Alarm features motion-sensor

I've never actually had anyone try to run off with my laptop, but then again I usually don't leave it sitting somewhere while I wander off. For those of you that feel the urge to leave your precious notebook at the table while you get another cup of Joe, here's an alarm that's sure to draw some attention.

The Lock Alarm attaches to your notebook and features a motion sensor and a combination lock. If the device is moved without the proper combination being entered within a short amount of time a 100 decibel alarm will sound.

These devices actually scare me. I'd be the one that forgot I attached it and pick up my own laptop and trigger the alarm. Then I'd look like a complete idiot as I scrambled to put in the right combination. You can pick one up for $24.95.

Lock Alarm – motion sensor alarm protects your stuff loudly [via redferret]