Local Motors LM3D Swim will be a $53,000 gamble for potential buyers

The odd looking car you see in the image here is the winning design from the contest that Local Motors held to design a roadworthy 3D printed car. The car will be called the LM3D Swim and it will cost about $53,000. Local Motors plans to kick off retail sales in 2016, no exact date has been offered.

As with many somewhat odd projects, Local Motors plans to turn to Indiegogo to raise funding for production. There are still some big questions about the car, namely Local Motors hasn't chosen a powertrain and chassis partner.

When the car goes into production buyers will get to choose from a range of customization options and features that are only available via 3D printing. Confirmation that the car will have removable and customizable panels hasn't been offered.

Local Motors plans for the car to undergo crash testing towards the end of 2016 so it seems more likely that the car won't be available to purchase until 2017. The company plans to build 2,400 units per year, depending on demand. With the high cost and quirky looks the car seems like a hard sell. There is a huge range of sports and luxury cars that can be had in the $50,000 price range.

SOURCE: Engadget