Lobster Vision gives you x-ray vision

Who hasn't ever wished they had x-ray vision. Whether for nefarious reasons or just plain curiosity, I'm sure we've all yearned for it at one time or another.

Physical Optics Corp., which is based in Torrance California, has come up with a product they call LEXID (Lobster-eye X-ray inspection Device) and it can see through wood, concrete and steel. It does so by reading the reflection, instead of refraction, of x-rays that are beamed at certain objects/walls. This is how lobsters see in murky waters, thus the name.

I think this is amazing. It'll be a great help for people in law enforcement or, especially, soldiers. I can't help but think how many lives this could possibly save. For my own selfish, and possibly nefarious reasons, I'd love to get my hands one but it looks like it'll only be for those government type people.

New 'Lobster Visions' Cam Sees Through Walls [via The Raw Feed]