Loadout shooter game heading to PS4

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 5, 2014
Loadout shooter game heading to PS4

On the PlayStation blog today, it was announced that Loadout, the insane free-to-play shooter game that lets gamers get as awkward as they do violent, will be arriving on the PlayStation 4. The game is arriving to Sony’s offering as a console exclusive.

Loadout is an interesting game, allowing players to mutilate and otherwise destroy opponents in all manner of destruction: burning, blowing up, bleeding out. The characters themselves are just as varied, coming in all sorts of provocative and humorous designs and apparel.


Weapons can be made as a combination of parts, with there being hundreds of options to choose from. The game boasts such things as “Bouncy Tesla balls” and rockets, and promises comedy as part of the foundation woven into the game.

The game is already available for PC gamers, and the company behind it boasts in excess of 3 million gamers taking part in the carnage. The launch date hasn’t been revealed yet and there’s no hint about how long of a wait remains, but check out the tease video above in the meantime.

SOURCE: PlayStation

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