Livio unveils NPR Radio for internet radio fans

Internet radio is a popular way for many people to listen to the music they like. Internet radio stations are particularly welcome if you live in an area like me where your preferred music genre is not offered. Livio has announced a new internet radio called the NPR Radio. As the name suggests the device offers easy access to NPR content.

Livio claims that the NPR Radio is the first internet radio device offered that has an exclusive menu dedicated to NPR stations and content alone. The menu allows users to search out NPR content by station and bookmark that station once found. Searches can also be conducted by topic or program.

In all the NPR Radio offers access to more than 1000 NPR station streams, more than 800 podcasts, and audio archives. The device also has a list of more than 16,000 validated Internet radio stations that can be searched by genre, location, keyword and more. The NPR Radio is available for $199.99 now.