LiveMap Google Glass concept prototyped in motorcycle helmet

While Google Glass can enable hands-free video recording, it's not exactly ideal in every situation. Take motorcycle riding for example: Google Glass probably isn't too comfortable to wear when you have a helmet squeezing your head at the same time. It works, sure, but there has to be a better way. Enter LiveMap's own solution.

Russian-based startup LiveMap is working on a motorcycle helmet that essentially comes with a heads-up display, as well as a microphone to initiate voice commands, and an earpiece to listen for notifications and alerts. The entire system is integrated into the helmet, so there's no uncomfort when wearing the helmet and having various objects getting in the way.

The project is currently trying to get funding on Indiegogo in order to mass-produce these helmets. They come with built-in turn-by-turn navigation and Siri-like voice recognition. The helmet's heads-up display will be projected onto the visor thanks to a small projector microdisplay that sits in the back of the helmet and uses mirrors to reflect the image on the visor.

Heads-up displays in motorcycle helmets have been around for a while, but this one is rather unique, sporting an accelerometer, gyroscope, and digital compass, as well as having the ability to show advanced information on the heads-up display only when the motorcycle is stopped or close to being stopped. Riders will also be able to control the brightness of the display based on the time of day.

LiveMap is looking to get $150,000 in funding in order to make this helmet possible. As for the price, be prepared to pony up $1,500 for the helmet, which is the same price you'd pay for Google Glass Explorer Edition, but if you do a lot of motorcycling, this might be an alternative that's worth looking into.

VIA: Mashable