Little Prince is Both Terrifying and Awesome

Science fiction is a means to realize the things of our imaginations, and put them to task in the real world. But let's face it, if this keeps up, machines are going to take over the world. And, if they're anything like the Little Prince here, they'll look cute, terrifying, and shiny while doing it. This little piece was inspired by the Naked Sun, written by Isaac Asimov; R2-D2 from Star Wars; an egg; and insects. And while it's obvious this thing looks like all of those at once, it gets even creepier.

Created by Martin Miklica, these things are designed to carry a plant all over the surface of Mars, until they've found just the right spot. Once there, they deposit the plant, and let nature take its course. Sure, not much nature has anything to do with this, but if it gets the job done (and we're thinking colonization of Mars is the ultimate plan), then we're all for it. This design was also a finalist in the 2009 Electrolux Design Lab.

But, there's always got to be some bad news when it comes to futuristic machines. These things are able to talk to each other, learning as one, and collecting an entirely too big consciousness between the whole lot. Imagine it: humans get to Mars, and these things are sleepily waiting our arrival . . . Plotting. That's right. They can plot. No pun intended.

[via Yanko Design]