Litl Webbook gets $300 price cut

Shane McGlaun - May 17, 2010
Litl Webbook gets $300 price cut

Last November we talked about the Litl Webbook that looked like a netbook aimed at children but carried a very grownup price tag aimed at adults of $699. The device is designed to stand up like an easel to let you watch video and movies with other features as well.

The big feature of the machine was simplicity with no OS to mess with all the data and information on the machine was stored server-side. That big $699 price did the device no favors and apparently folks stayed away from the device. The folks behind the Litl Webbook have now announced a massive price cut bringing the price of the webbook down to $399.

All of the features of the machine remain the same after the price cut. The real question is does this new price point make the device any more interesting to buyers. I think in the current market with netbooks that are more capable going for the same money and the iPad being such a hot item the Litl Webbook should have started at the $399 price point if it was to have a chance. Right now, even this big price cut may well be too little, too late.

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