Lions shoot their own documentary with photographer's camera

Wild animals are creepy, especially the large ones that could eat me if I happened on them in the wilds. Even the animals at the local zoo can give you the creeps when the lions stare at you as if they would like a snack. In fact, one time my daughter turned her back to the glass front of the tiger cage about the time it pounced at her behind the glass. She steers clear of the tiger enclosure now. I do like to see the shows about the big cats in Africa on Discovery Channel, they are interesting to me.

A photographer named Roger de la Harpe was in South Africa touring the Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve and taking photos and video of the African lions where he laid eyes on three lionesses on the road ahead. Apparently having little fear of being eaten, he laid his camcorder in the path of the lionesses. The curious cats walked up to the camera on the road, licked it a few times, and then carried it off.

The photo you see above is the last thing many an animal has seen. That is a shot from the video taken inside the lion's mouth. After a while, the lion dropped the camera, the photographer crept back into the bush with the lions only 75-meters away and got his camera back. It was apparently undamaged and he had an interesting bit of footage. You can see the full video at the source.

[via Telegraph]