Linux on Zune creates many possibilities

A tip sent to SlashGear has noted that porting Linux to the Zune is very much alive in the Zune community. "Yes, I've been working on it for quite awhile," says Mys Videl, on "[It] has a lot of bugs to work out and a lot of features to work out."

There would be tons of opportunities for new solutions is Linux will be able to run on the Zune. Open-sourced programs could be created, existing software could be used on the Zune, and most importantly, the Zune could turn into more than just a video player. At this time there are no pictures or videos of Linux running on the Zune.

Mys Videl is working very hard now at putting Linux on the Vune, and if you would like to catch up on her progress, log onto the discussion boards over at

via zune-online

Thanks for the tips Kostas.