Linksys WRT600N

Oh, all this WiFi N business makes me chuckle, they don't even have a set standard, its still in draft stages, and they have been selling the hardware for like a year or something like that, so dumb. Anyways, Linksys is bringing you the latest from Draft 2.0.

It uses a Broadcom chipset for dual-band 802.11n goodness and even had gigabit Ethernet ports. You can even hook up an external USB drive and make it into and NAS as well.

In the end it performs pretty well, basically it will get the job done, and if it has enough ROM/RAM a newly featured version of DD-WRT will probably make this thing like a wireless god-router, but even then, this thing costs $250 freakin dollars! So, save yourself some money, stick with 802.11g until they actually finish the N spec, and get yourself a WRT54GL, some high-gain antennas, and put DD-WRT on it and you should be good to go.

Linksys WRT600N Review: Dual-Band 11n comes to Linky-land [via smallnetbuilder]