LinkedIn Elevate helps employees share content

LinkedIn is a professional social network where people can share details about their professional lives and even look for a new job. LinkedIn has announced a new feature that is aimed at helping companies make it easier for workers to share content. The new feature is called LinkedIn Elevate and it is designed to make it easier for workers to share articles, blog posts, and presentations via the social network.

LinkedIn says that when a member shares six pieces of content they receive on average six profile views and make two new connections. While the employee receives benefits in the form of new connections, the company they work for gets benefits as well with six job views, three company page views, and one new company page follower on average.

LinkedIn thinks that the reason companies and workers don't take more advantage of content sharing is that tools didn't exist to allow them to curate content to share. LinkedIn Elevate brings those tools to the network making it easy for companies and employees to curate, share, and measure the impact of content on their business.

Elevate uses algorithmic recommendations for LinkedIn Pulse and Newsle along with human curation to give employees content they can share. Sharing can be done with Elevate via iOS, Android, and apps for desktop computers. Content can also be shared on LinkedIn and Twitter. Elevate has tools to let workers see how many times the content they share has been liked, commented on, and reshared. More tools are coming that will let users see who viewed their profile and requested to connect because of shared content. Companies can see job views and new page followers resulting from shared content.

SOURCE: LinkedIn