Linka auto-unlocking smart bike lock keeps your bike safe

In areas where lots of people ride bikes to and from work, bike theft is a major concern. There are plenty of locks that require you to mess with chains or other types of locks each time you want to park or ride the bike and that can get annoying. A new bike lock called Linka is the world's first auto-unlocking smart bike lock and it attaches directly to the frame of your bike.

That means when you get to your destination the bike lock is already in place and you can easily extend the shackle between the spokes when you park and walk away. The lock doesn't secure your bike to anything like a bike rack or pole. However, it does have an integrated 100dB siren so if someone grabs the bike and walks off, a siren will go off.

The shackle is a 9mm hardened square steel ring. The lock works with an app on your smartphone and will unlock itself when it senses your approach. To lock the Linka all you need to do is hit a button on the device.

The lock shackle doesn't lock the bike automatically because the makers didn't want an accidental activation when you are riding. You have to press the lock button three times or hold it for three seconds to activate the lock. Linka is on Kickstarter seeking $25,000 and has raised over $112,000 with three days to go. You can still get a Linka lock for $99 with delivery expected in December 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter