Linaro and Samsung offer devs Origen board with Exynos 4210 chipset

Linaro and Samsung have announced that they have collaborated to bring developers of open source devices a new development tool packing some of the best Samsung hardware around. The new tool is a developers board called the Origen board that runs the Samsung Exynos 4210 chipset that lives inside some of the most popular Android devices on the market like the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. The chipset uses the multi-core Cortex-A9 CPU inside along with DDR3 RAM.

Along with that CPU the Origen board also has a Mali400 GPU and the DDR3 RAM is 1GB capacity. The board will cost devs under $200 and has a wealth of connectivity options. Those connectivity options include interfaces for HDMI, SD cards, WiFi, Bluetooth, stereo sound, LCD, JTAG debug, and a camera. Software for the system will be offered from Linaro.

Linaro will provide its Linaro Evaluation Builds of Android and Ubuntu directly to devs from its website. The goal of the new Origen board is to help developers speed the time to market for new smartphones, tablets, and connected screens. The Exynos processor and DDR3 RAM are both on a small daughter board that will allow for future upgrades to the Origen board.

[via Android Community]