Limited edition Jeff Koons live cases bring art to the Nexus

Smartphones are no longer the utilitarian pieces of electronics that they were nearly a decade ago. For some, they have become a lifestyle choice and even a fashion statement. Despite that, smartphones are still usually designed with somber and subdued colors, sharp edges, and serious looks that remind people of their less than personal function. This is the reason why Google has offered its Live Case selection to give its Nexus devices a more personal touch and this new limited edition Jeff Koons takes personalization to a new, more artistic level.

The American artist is perhaps most known for his recreation of almost common objects using uncommon materials. For example, ever seen a balloon dog made out of stainless steel? If you ever fancied seeing one, Jeff Koons has created a few of them, in different colors even.

Google is now bringing that artistic sense to its Live Cases for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, currently the only remaining Nexus smartphones in Google's online Store. As with other Live Cases, these combine custom designed covers with specially crafted live wallpapers to go along with a theme. The theme, in this case, is Koons' Gazing Ball Ballet, his first live-action video artwork. Double tapping on the wallpaper causes the dancers to recreate 28 moments from the classic "Swan Lake" ballet.

The art doesn't end there, however. Those who buy these cases will be treated to new works of art delivered regularly to their smartphone. And each day, a new vignette of the Gazing Ball Ballet is added to the user's collection. The customizable button on the back of the cover can be configured to open that art collection or show you art museums nearby.

There are three styles available in this Jeff Koons Live Case collection, each showing sculpture done like Greek and Roman pieces of old. Each costs only $40 but don't let that low price tag fool you. As part of a limited edition collection, each has a digital Koons signature and a number indicating its rarity.

SOURCE: Google