Lightning never strikes the same iPod twice - once is enough

Here's a friendly warning out there to all that love to jog and listen to your MP3 players. If you see lightning, pull those buds out of your ears and head for some shelter. Otherwise you might end up like the poor chap in Canada that was just recently struck while listening to his iPod.

Apparently while out jogging he was struck by lightning, and his iPod carried the current through his headphones, causing burns along where the cords were on his body, ruptured eardrums and a broken jaw.

This doesn't just apply to those with an iPod or other MP3 player, it also goes for cell phones as well. At least 14 people have been struck while talking on a mobile phone since 2004. Just think, now you have another excuse to get off of the phone when your mother-in-law calls.

Listening to iPod during Storms? Beware Lightning may strike! [via newlaunches]