Light Touch Projection Technology Turns Any Flat Surface Into A Touchscreen [Video]

We've seen virtual keyboards before, but the technology has never quite taken off.   But this is quite exceptional.  UK-based Light Blue Optics (LBO) has unveiled a revolutionary compact projector that lets users interact with images projected onto a flat surface, essentially turning it into a touch screen.  Remarkably, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to access and connect with internet-based applications and engage in social networking and multimedia sharing via the projector itself, which runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.

The Light Touch projector transforms the usually static image created by a projector into interactive multimedia content using Light Blue Optics' proprietary holographic laser projection technology.  The device can project a virtual 10-inch interactive display onto any surface and the integrated infra-red touch sensing system enables users to interact with the virtual image in the same way they would use a handheld touchscreen device.

The device is set to be showcased in an invite-only event on Thursday, January 7th at CES.  LBO also announced a list of global companies working with the Company to bring its unique projection technology to market; Adobe, CSR, Foxconn, Interbrand, Microsoft, Micron, Nichia, Photop, Opnext and Toshiba.  It comes equipped with 2GB of onboard Flash memory and has a Micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of storage, running wall-powered or battery-operated, with a run-time of two hours before recharging is required.  The Light Touch certainly looks very interesting, but there are no details on pricing or availability yet.