Light L16 camera begins mass production in Q2 2017, will ship soon after

Light's L16 camera, a model that features many small lenses and image sensors to capture multiple shots of the same subject, will enter mass production in the second quarter of 2017, the company has announced. This follows a previous delay and means those who pre-ordered will see their purchase shipping "as possible after mass production begins," assuming no further delays surface. Assuming the camera meets the company's claims, it'll produce DSLR-quality images despite its much smaller form factor.

The L16 camera aims to take the best thing about a DSLR — the image quality — and make it available in the best thing about a smartphone: the small pocketable size. A DSLR's quality is due in part to its ability to accept more light than a small smartphone camera, so the L16 attempts to replicate this via many small smartphone-like camera modules. Each image is captured from a slightly different angle than the surrounding lenses.

The camera has drummed up a lot of excitement amongst photographers eager for something with better quality than a smartphone, but with about the same convenient size. However, actually getting the camera into those photographers' hands has been delayed once before, and now per Light's most recent update, those who pre-ordered are looking at a Q2 shipping date at the earliest.

According to Light, the team has begun in-field beta tests using L16 prototypes, and the company is accepting requests to join the beta from photographers. As well, the company says that it has improved upon the previously announced specs, and that the final L16 camera will ship with five 70mm camera modules with an f/2.0 aperture, give 28mm modules with an f/2.0 aperture, and six 150mm modules with an f2.4 aperture.