LIFX WiFi smart bulbs get support for Apple HomeKit

LIFX has announced that its current Lifx and Lifx+ lineup of WiFi smart bulbs now work with Apple HomeKit. Thanks to this new support, current and future Lifx smart bulb owners are able to control their home or office's lighting using their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or other Apple product. The new support is available now.

LIFX's smart bulbs are like connected light bulbs from other companies, enabling users to connect their home's lighting to their WiFi network, then control the light using a mobile device. This functionality extends beyond simple things like turning the lights on and off, adding more sophisticated functionality like setting light schedules and adjusting colors.

The company offers multiple different connected bulb products, including the smaller GU10 400 lumen light and things like the massive Lifx+ BR30 1,100 lumens light. Prices vary depending on both model and bundle; Lifx offers things like a 2-light starter pack, a 4-light 'Living' pack, and even a 6-light 'Master' pack. Using the BR30 as an example, the single-bulb price is $79.99 while the 6-light pack is $389.94.

Using the Home App, Apple users can do things like schedule the Lifx bulbs to turn on and off at certain times of the day, adjust the colors to suit your moods, or even ask Siri to do the adjustments on your behalf. Unlike some competing companies, Lifx's bulbs come in color.