Library of Congress Will Archive All Public Tweets

Are you a Twitter user? Have you been known to put down 140 characters of complete nonsense, all for the sake of getting it out of your system, because you knew no one important would ever get to see it? You're probably not the only one. So, reading this little bit of news about the Library of Congress is going to acquire the entire Twitter archive may freak you out a bit.

You read that right. Every tweet, of the public nature, that has ever been tweeted since March 2006 is now being swallowed up by the Library of Congress. That's just part of their current 167TB of digital data that's being stored under the roof. And, yes, as soon as the acquisition is finished, anyone will be able to go through the logs and see all the clever remarks from hundreds of thousands of Twitter users out there.

Ironically enough, the acquisition was announced by the Library's official Twitter account early this morning. Apparently, the Library's personnel sees this as a great way to emphasize some kind of scholarly notion, along with improving research. If you're researching the general populace, we're not sure if Twitter is the best place to start, but, we can see why it would be worthy of a look through. But of course, there's some important tweets out there, like the first tweet ever from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, along with a few other gems that we're sure the research type would love to get their hands on.

[via TG Daily]