LiberiOS jailbreak for iOS 11 is here but you should wait

Jailbreakig iOS devices has always been a hot topic, much more than rooting in the Android world. Lately, however, it has become even more heated because of iOS 11. Never mind the drama surrounding Cydia developer Saurik. To date, there is no ready and simple to use jailbreak method for iOS 11, though there is at least one proof-of-concept based on a new bug discovery tool developed by Ian Beer from Google Project Zero. And while this new LiberiOS jailbreak looks promising, it is something only the most daring and most skilled of jailbreakers should attempt to use.

There are three reasons why less capable iOS jailbreakers should hold off on LiberiOS unless they're absolutely sure they need to jailbreak their iPhone 8 or iPhone X. The simplest is that it only works on iOS 11.0 through iOS 11.1. Apple has stopped signing those versions so should anything go wrong, you can only upgrade to iOS 11.2 and that's the end of the jailbreaking adventure.

The second reason is that LiberiOS is what is called a tethered jailbreak. That practically means that you need to perform the jailbreaking process every time you reboot your phone.

But probably the biggest reason to wait for a while is that Cydia isn't supported yet. Without an app store for jailbroken devices, a jailbroken iOS device is practically useless. While developer Jonathan Levin promises that it will come, the priority is to actually make the jailbreak stable first.