LGX ultra-slim LCD TV by LG has arrived, at the FCC offices

James Allan Brady - Feb 14, 2008

Thanks to our friends in the least secretive part of the government, the FCC, we have pictures, and news of LG’s newest slim LCD display. Just how slim is it?

Well, its 1.7 inches thick, so, its not as think as some of the 3-business-card-thick panels that we saw at CES, but the difference lies in the fact that we’ll be seeing the LG model on store shelves soon. Its still a bright freakin’ red color too, kind of makes me wonder if it will be a PRODUCT (RED) product or not.

Still no other details though, such as price, availability, alternate color options, things of that nature, but its coming. Although, it is supposed to be a 42-inch TV with 120Hz, 24p playback capable, ISFccc calibration, LED backlighting, a 15k:1 contrast ratio, 4 HDMI 1.3 ports, a USB port, and LG’s SimpLink connection as well.

[via engadget]

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