LG.Philips takes the art of multiple-touch technology into commercial size big screens

Coming next week at CES 2008, LG Phillips will be presenting world's largest displays with multi-touch capability. The 52-inch multi-touch LCD is 5 inches largest than last model shown in IMID 2007. It has a full scale HD resolution of 1980x1080 and uses an infrared image sensor to register and recognize inputs from fingers or pointers. It also features industry's highest specification of 90 Hz touch response time and a light transmission rate of 95 to 100 percent. Furthermore, LG.Philips LCD will be showing similar technology in an 84 inches LCD developed by joining four 42-inch panels in a two-by-two array.

In additional to the multi-touch displays, three more models will also be introduced in the same event. They are 47 inch triple view LCD, 47-inch double-sided LCD and 42-inch transflective display . Each has its unique feature designed for commercial uses such as store directories and advertising at shopping malls like the triple and double-sided display or outdoor usage that requires highest brightness output display with can be found in their transflective line of display with output luminance rate at 1,500 cd/m2 .

LG.Philips LCD Unveils its Newest LCDs for Public Displays at CES 2008 [via LG Philips ]