LG Wing rotating second screen is shaping up to be quite interesting

Although it seems to have trouble selling its phones, LG arguably has no qualms taking risks in making very interesting ones. From the curved LG G Flex "banana phone" to the modular LG G5 to the recent generation of dual screen cases, the company has admittedly released impressive phones in the past years. It seems that LG will be at it again with the rather odd "LG Wing" and recent leaks are painting a picture of an eccentric phone that might actually be interesting and, more importantly, affordable.

It's easy enough to make fun of the idea of a second square screen swiveling from beneath the main, full-length one. It's is probably because it's a bit inconceivable what you'd do with a second screen that's only half the size of your phone. Fortunately, there are videos that give ideas on exactly that.

The first exclusive leaked video, courtesy of Android Authority, showed how the LG Wing would allow for running two apps at once, which is probably the main use case for this design. A new video clip, however, also suggests that the second screen could be used as an extension for the same app, for displaying maps or even stats in a game.

Of course, this would suggest that the app or game supports such a setup and Android apps, by default, don't. As with LG's Dual Screen cases, it requires that app developers take the extra steps to add support for utilizing a second display. And developers' motivation will closely be tied on whether the volume of sales of a particularly unique device will be worth that extra work.

If the rumored US pricing for the LG Wing is on the mark, it could be an easy buy at around $1,000. That would suggest, however, that the phone will have less than premium specs, at least if the $600 LG Velvet is any indicator. That said, Korean media do report that the LG Wing will be one of the company's most expensive, priced at around 1.9 million KRW (roughly $1,600), making it a more difficult sell in that case.