LG Wing name is official, will rotate its second screen next week

LG has a habit of practically announcing almost all the new features of a smartphone in the days leading up to its actual announcement and it seems it will be doing it again. This time it has not only confirmed the LG Wing's key feature, it has also confirmed what most have already presumed to be its name. Of course, there was still a possibility that it was just a codename but now LG has officially put its stamp on the LG Wing as the name of its first Project Explorer device.

To be fair, the name "Wing" didn't seem to fit the device that was first leaked, unless you stretched your imagination and saw it as a spaceship, though one with its nose pointing precariously downward. It turns out, LG might have an idiom more in mind, expecting the LG Wing to take the company's mobile business to new heights and new territories with Project Explorer.

The latter is what it is calling its new line of phones that will explorer innovative designs. And by "innovative", it probably means eccentric, out of this world experiments to take phones where no phone has gone before. And in case you missed it, that first Project Explorer phone has already been teased to sport the already leaked rotating second screen mechanism.

It will definitely be a daring proposition though not exactly uncharacteristic of the company that tried to make the modular phone dream a reality to some extent. Based on leaked hands-on videos, LG will be trying to sell a different form of multi-tasking using a second but smaller screen. Part of the phone's success will depend on that experience but part of it will also depend on the hardware and accompanying price.

There are rumors that put the LG Wing at around $1,000 in the US, though the leaked South Korean figure is far more exorbitant. If LG does go with the lower figure, that could mean the LG Wing could be sporting very mid-range specs not that far from the LG Velvet, which is LG's first device for its new, more conventional, Universal Line.