LG wants you to play games with the case cover closed

LG is out to prove the Quick Circle case for their flagship G3 is "as much about fun as function". To hit that point home, they've announced a new game for their device. More specifically, the game is for the G3's Quick Circle case. Instead of getting simple notifications via the case port, you'll now be able to game as well.

You can already check the time or handle phone calls with the case closed — already beneficial to people still making actual calls with their smartphones. Gaming, though, that's new. We've seen games come to the small screen already, but not like this.

Puppy Pop, the first game designed for the Quick Circle case, will be familiar to most "time waster" game fans. Puppy faces fall from the top into a 3x3 grid. Draw a line through three or more faces to make them "pop" away. Like any good time waster, you can also share your scores on your favorite social media site.

It's another move by LG to further divert Developer interest away from other platforms. Though still Android, LG has created a sub-sect within the OS via games like Puppy Pop and their split-screen utility. LG wants Developers making things for their devices, specifically. They also want users to make sure to buy their stuff. Does Puppy Pop make you want a G3 and Quick Circle case, though?

Source: LG