LG virtual IFA 2020 exhibit goes live for a virtual audience

IFA 2020 is still happening this year but in a very different way. With limited slots for both exhibitors and attendees, many companies thought it a better to just hold their own events outside of Messe Berlin. LG definitely embraced the opportunity to provide an even more interactive experience than it could in the physical world. That is, of course, through the magic of the Internet, web browsers, and a dash of game technology, all mixed together to bring to life an LG IFA exhibit like never before.

That's actually LG's slogan for its purely virtual booth that will try to recreate the IFA experience inside your browser. It wants to recreate that experience so faithfully that not only did it build a virtual Hall 18 of the Messe Berlin, it even tried to stick to the local weather and local time.

Of course, you can't really recreate the full experience with people going about and asking questions. At most, you can only give one-way presentations about this or that new product that visitors will be able to bring up by click on icons in the "exhibit". These so-called exhibits are pretty much interactive 3D spaces with 3D models of the new products LG would have been showing had IFA 2020 pushed through.

The center of that attraction is its OLED New Wave installation, flaunting a long array of flexible screens that would have been expensive and risky to set up in the real world as it did back at CES earlier this year. LG does also have other products to show off from across its wide range of consumer electronics, from home appliances to gaming monitors.

Of course, these demos do look less convincing as 3D renders, especially when you're trying to wow people with rollable and foldable displays or transparent screens. Unfortunately for LG, this IFA 2020 Virtual Exhibition is the best it will be able to do and could be what the new normal for exhibits will become down the road.