LG Velvet will bring its Waterdrop design in four colors on this date

LG's new design language is a fresh break from years of the same design but it might also come as a disappointment to some looking for premium flagship specs. Still, LG is not one to shy away from stirring things up to see what resonates with consumers, both present and future. The LG Velvet will be its first stab at redefining its image in what it promises will delight both the eyes and the hands and it will finally be unveiling that to the public in two weeks.

The LG Velvet takes its name from the supposedly fine and smooth but not slippery feel that the phone will have. Its biggest change, however, will be in its appearance, moving away from the flat back and fronts that have been the staple of LG phones for years.

And then, of course, there's what LG calls its Waterdrop camera design. That pretty much means arranging the sensors and LED flash in a vertical pattern from biggest to smallest, notably without any large camera bump enclosing them. The layout may not be all that novel but LG is definitely hoping the subtle design cues will sell itself.

As part of its tradition, it is now slowly revealing parts of the LG Velvet, this time focusing on the four colors it will be available in. Those are Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Green, and Illusion Sunset, the latter looking a tad red.

LG has also put a date on the Velvet's grand debut, which will be at an online event scheduled for May 7 at 10 AM local Korean time (May 6, 9 PM Eastern). LG has already confirmed that the phone will be a "mass premium" handset running on a Snapdragon 765 GB chip and we will most likely hear more about its other features in the coming days.