LG Velvet proves to be a solid winner in durability test

LG doesn't yet have a flagship phone that could go head to head with the Galaxy Note 20 or even the upcoming iPhone 12. If rumors are correct, its new LG Wing and its swiveling screens won't be either. Doesn't mean that its current contender is in anyway forgettable, even if the spec sheet is. Except for one or two optional gimmicks, the LG Velvet could prove to be refreshing in being normal, including in being one thin but solid phone.

Although LG departed from its years-old design, the LG Velvet is almost outdated compared to the obnoxious camera bumps on this year's phones. That could be a good thing, though, as it delivers not just the basics but even old staples like the headphone jack, all for $600 though at the price of some clock cycles and RAM.

Despite being cheaper than most of the high-end phones this year, the LG Velvet proves to be one durable piece of tech. It is almost worryingly thin but even the mighty hands of JerryRigEverything weren't enough to break it. There were some creaks and lifting of the glass back, though, so it's not entirely invulnerable either.

The YouTuber does make a curious note about the phone's Dual Screen accessory and wonders if it can be connected directly to the phone. It would definitely be an interesting experiment and could give way to some mods that could create a makeshift Surface Duo at half the price. Given how relatively affordable the Velvet is, it's almost perfect for such DIY experiments.

Unfortunately, the LG Velvet does seem to fall victim to the same fate that befell many of LG's phones. Commendable and impressive they may have been, they fail to get any lasting traction in the market, reading to non-stop red figures in LG's books.