LG V60 ThinQ 5G and its Dual Screen apparently work with Active Styluses

When it comes to phones with styluses, Samsung's Galaxy Note is pretty much the only serious game in town. Yes, there are some that hide a stylus inside, like LG's Stylo/Stylus line, but these are pretty much just glorified sticks that are not exactly that different from the cheap ones you can buy with rubber or plastic tips. There have been a few random surprises, like the Moto Z4 last year. It turns out, LG might have a hidden surprise as well waiting for those who buy into its V60 ThinQ 5G and its Dual Screen promise.

Every phone can work with a stylus but few can actually work with an Active Stylus. The difference is that the latter supports features like pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, among other things. It also, unfortunately, requires special electronics, both beneath the screen and inside the stylus itself.

The V60 ThinQ apparently has one of those and, acting on a tip, XDA's Max Weinbach set out to confirm that the phone indeed as this special feature. He took a Bamboo Ink Plus, designed primarily to be used on Windows devices that support the Active Stylus protocol. Specifically, it uses Wacom's AES technology, which does limit the set of styluses that may work on the phone.

The pen works without any pairing involved, though there doesn't seem to be any pressure sensitivity. The side button also works to bring up a menu. Even more surprising is that it also works on the Dual Screen attachment.

Although the lack of pressure sensitivity limits the stylus' use to note-taking and basic drawing, it's still far more accurate than passive styluses. It's still a mystery why LG didn't advertise such a feature which would have definitely appealed to many smartphone users looking for an alternative to Samsung's expensive S Pen phablets.