LG unveils new P430 and P5390 super slim laptops

The notebook world is always changing. For a while, what people wanted was high-end and feature packed notebooks that ended up being very thick and bulky. Some folks still want machines like that. There are a lot of notebook users who are willing to give up power and some performance in an effort to get a machine that is thin and very portable. For these people, something like the new LG P430 and P530 notebooks is ideal.

These new notebooks are in the LG Blade series that will hit stores later this month. The P430 is a 14-inch screen notebook, and the P530 is a 15.6-inch notebook both using LED backlights. The screen on the P430 is only 4.5mm thick and the screen on the P530 is only slightly thicker at 4.7mm making them each up to 50% thinner than any other screen on notebooks in their class. The LG P notebook tips the scales at 1.94kg and has an overall thickness of 23.8mm and the P weighs 2.2kg with no mention of the overall thickness.

The machines have brushed aluminum housings and can be had with second-generation Intel Core i7, i3, or i5 processors. The machines run Windows 7 and have up to 8GB of RAM. Both use the same NVIDIA GeForce GT520M GPU or Intel HD Graphics 3000. The machine also has DVD drives, up to 750GB of storage, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The P430 will ship in May with the P530 shipping in June at unannounced pricing.