LG tri-fold phone patent comes with a stylus, too good to be true

Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Fold later this month, on the 27th, in fact, according to rumors. Despite the negative coverage of the previous Galaxy Fold flop, the true launch of the foldable phone will undoubtedly be the talk of the town, spurring other manufacturers to eventually follow suit, one way or another. LG, of course, won't be outdone and does have a few ideas of its own. A new patent awarded to the company a few months ago could be one of the best ideas out there but does raise questions and maybe even doubts about its execution.

The actual folding style described in the patent isn't exactly new but, at the same time, also seldom mentioned or used by others. It is an "outie" like the Huawei Mate X and folds twice like Xiaomi's prototype. Unlike the latter, however, LG's patent shows the two sides of the phone overlapping each other when folded.

The effect here is that the device, when collapsed, takes on the more familiar rectangular shape of smartphone and, when expanded, is also a familiar long tablet. there is a small bezel to the side housing the cameras and, when folded, one of the edges does have a portion of the display exposed. And, of course, both "front" and "back" sides of the phone have screens.

Something rather unique to this patent is that it includes a stylus in the concept, something you might have expected from Samsung and not LG. LG isn't a stranger to styluses but the ones it includes in its Stylo line doesn't really compare to the S Pen in terms of functionality. Given the sensitivity of the flexible and foldable screen, having a plastic or even rubbery nib could easily leave scratches and damages.

LG has been dabbling in flexible or even rollable screens for as long as Samsung has yet it hasn't completely capitalized on that technology as much as its rival. Additionally, there have been some complaints and criticisms about LG's mobile displays, especially the ones used on other phones, that could raise doubts on whether it could pull off such an ideal foldable phone.