LG Stylo 3 PLUS arrives on T-Mobile

Nope, still not a Galaxy Note killer. Earlier this year, LG revealed the Stylo 3 pictured above that, like other Stylos, or Styluses, before it, offered a thin but still capacitive stylus inside a mid-range phablet. Four months later, LG is raising the bar just a little bit higher. A very, very little bit. The LG Stylo 3 PLUS, which is now available on T-Mobile, retains much of the same specs as the earlier model, but now with a Full HD display instead of just HD.

There is no mistaking how mid-range the Stylo 3 PLUS is. It's powered by the lower Snapdragon 435 processor with 2, or maybe even 3 GB of storage. The back camera gets a 13 megapixel sensor while the front one gets 5 megapixels only Even though it launches four months later, it is still running Android 7.0 only instead of a newer 7.1.1.

In other words, its pretty much the same as the LG Stylo 3 from CES 2017. Where it differs, however, is in the screen and memory size. While still 5.7 inches, the PLUS model gets a higher pixel density with a 1920x1080 resolution. At the same time, internal storage is doubled to 32 GB. That's pretty much it.

The core calling of the Stylo series, however, has never been the specs. It is in the stylus that ships with the phone and can be stowed away inside the phone. Don't have high expectations though. This is basically a special kind of stylus that, while swapping the rubbery tip for a harder type of plastic, still doesn't offer the same precision, not to mention pressure sensitivity, of the equivalent Samsung Galaxy Note.

Still, if you're the type of smartphone user that would love to scribble on your phone, dreaded getting an easy-to-lose stylus, and are on a tight budget, then the LG Stylo 3 will still be a better option than having none at all. The stylus-toting phablet is now available on T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) for $9 a month for 24 months plus a $9 upfront payment.

SOURCE: T-Mobile