LG shows off scant 2.6mm thick 42-inch LCD

At CES in January 2009, thin TVs were everywhere. It seemed like each day of the show one company or another was talking about the world's thinnest TV. It seems that at CES 2010 we are set to see some thin TVs as well.

LG unveiled a massively thin LCD screen today that is only 2.6mm thick. Despite how thin it is the screen is also large at 42-inches and uses LED backlighting. The entire set will weigh less than 4KG. The display also has a 120Hz refresh rate.

That is all the specs that LG offers on the screen. I want to know how much this will cost. If the screen isn't that much more than the typical LCD, we may be looking at the OLED slayer here. We should get the full scoop next month at CES.