LG rumored to make next Nexus device

As it tries to steam forward and enter its mark in the Android community, LG is apparently gunning to be the manufacturer for Google's next Nexus phone. The Nexus brand is, of course, the one series of Android phones that Google is heavily involved with and is always on the bleeding edge when it comes to support and software updates. Previously, the honors of Nexus manufacturer went to Samsung.

When it comes to Android, LG was a late entrant to the party. It hasn't really made its mark yet. Samsung has the Galaxy brand, HTC has made gold with Evo and other brands, and Motorola has made huge revenue with its Droid devices. LG, though, has no defining position in this competitive field. It was the manufacturer of the flagship 3D phone the Optimus 3D, and it is trying to pimp out that Optimus moniker, but so far it hasn't made the kind of splash it needs to.

Recently, though, LG has announced new smartphones that will really push the limits in terms of processing power and functionality. It will be a tough sell to get the rights to the next Nexus phone, which will ensure huge sales numbers. Of course, anything could happen and Google has said it doesn't want any specific manufacturer to feel like it's the "preferred" Android phone maker. So we'll see what happens.

[via ZDNet]