LG Rollable phone might not happen after all

Although LG tried to start the year with a big bang, it seems that some of its boasts may have been a bit premature. After teasing what could be the world's first rollable phone, the company was suddenly rumored to be shutting down or selling off its ailing mobile business. As the rumors continue to pile up about LG's exit from the smartphone market, the fate of the LG Rollable now also hangs in the balance.

Although it's hardly the only one, LG seems more likely to launch the first rollable phone before either TCL or OPPO does. While all three have shown off working prototypes, only LG so far has made a public commitment to launching one later this year while OPPO said it would not. Given LG's penchant for unorthodox phone designs and features, it's almost good as gold that we would see the LG Rollable eventually.

Unfortunately, that might not be the case anymore as the company is rumored to be looking for a buyer for its mobile business. According to a new report from Korean media, the company is still pushing through with the development of the phone but its actual launch might not happen at all. Just like with the fate of the mobile business, LG is still open to "every possibility".

LG has launched a few unconventional phones, from the somewhat modular LG G5 to the recent rotating LG Wing. While some enjoyed a degree of popularity, their sales numbers didn't reflect that. The LG Rollable is expected to sell for around 2 million KRW ($1,800) and might not be enough to turn the company's business around quickly in time to save it.

The writing on the wall for LG smartphones has been there for almost years but others like HTC have been expected to throw in the towel first. While LG's name may still continue in ODM phones, it will definitely be a loss for the Android market to have one of its biggest names bow out from the race after so long.