LG Rollable phone and LG Rainbow coming in just a few months

LG has had a rather interesting year, even with and including the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it didn't launch as many phones as it usually does and even though it's extremely late to the Android 11 update game, the company still managed to reach two important milestones, launching the first phones of two new product lines. Despite not exactly being heavy hitters in the market, LG seems unfazed and will reportedly be continuing that trend all in the first half of 2021.

Although it was technically a step down from its usual flagships, the LG Velvet marked a change in LG's product strategy. It was the first of its new "Universal" line of phones that are designed to cater to more conventional use cases and users. The eccentric LG Wing, in contrast, kicked off the Explorer Project that will see the company play with new concepts and features that may not appeal to the mass market.

Although the LG Wing launched in the second half of this year, it seems LG is planning to have both lines expanded within the first six months of 2021. According to ETNews, LG will kick off the year with the LG Rainbow, a more traditional smartphone that will succeed the LG Velvet, sometime in March 2021. Given what Velvet was, we wouldn't be too surprised if the Rainbow launched with a colorful gradient glass back and Qualcomm's next 700-series chipset.

All eyes, however, might instead be on the LG Rollable, which the publication says will launch in the first half of next year. LG will be leaning on the phone's advantages in weight and size compared to something like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. A rollable phone also supposedly addresses the creasing problem inherent in foldables.

LG also has a budget LG Q83 phone planned for that period, though it will most likely be branded as a K-series phone in international markets. Despite the interesting lineup, the biggest question has always been whether they will actually sell well enough to keep LG's mobile business afloat for another year.