LG Rolex mobile phone concept

First LG partnered with Prada, now they are apparently doing deals with Rolex. For those of you that recognize the name but can't put a face to it, look to your wrist if your are upper management and your boss ever gifted you a watch.

Yes that's right, now LG is working with the watchmaker to make a new phone. They recently showed it off, but photos were prohibited, so all you get is a Rolex logo for now. But, there is apparently a centerpiece on the phone which is a real Rolex watch face embedded in the casing and surrounded by luxury leather on the outside.

No word on price or availability. But if I had to guess, Rolex just consenting to putting their name on the device means it'll probably sell for at least a grand, adding the luxury leather and the actual Rolex watch face, I'd put it at a higher price than the Prada phone.

LG Rolex concept phone [via newlaunches]