LG reveals second-gen Ergo Monitors for comfort and productivity

LG has revealed the second generation of its Ergo Monitors designed to allow users to customize their workstations for productivity and comfort. The displays are offered in Ergo Dual and Ergo Single configurations. Ergo Dual is model number 27QP88D, while the Ergo Single is model 32QP880.

Both versions of the Ergo displays have IPS technology with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. LG says the Ergo series is designed for improved ergonomics and superior display. The second-generation models promise more versatility with improved height and swivel adjustability. Both of the new displays allow users to easily move the monitors closer or further away from the user without adjusting the mounting point.

Ergo Dual offers a height adjustment range of 150 millimeters, while the Ergo Single can height adjust with a range of 130 millimeters. Both versions of the display can rotate 335 degrees. Ergo Dual features a pair of 27-inch screens. They can be used in side-by-side landscape orientation or with one display in portrait and the other in landscape.

Users can also stack the screens vertically or make them face opposite directions if needed. The Ergo Single utilizes a single 32-inch display. Both of the new models are easier to install, featuring articulated arms attaching without screws to desks or tabletops up to 75 millimeters thick.

Ergo monitors can also charge a laptop utilizing a USB-C output and can be daisy-chained using DisplayPort tech. The screens have 350 nits of brightness and support HDR10. Both are color calibrated and support AMD FreeSync technology. They also have integrated USB 3.0 ports. The Ergo Single also has a pair of integrated 5W stereo speakers. LG hasn't mentioned pricing on either of the Ergo monitors.