LG Korea introduces their UP3 Touch DAP

LG has managed to stay a bit behind when it comes to personal media players (PMP). The newest of these devices from LG, the UP3 Touch DAP, very closely resembles the UP3 that was released back in 2006. Just how do they manage to do it with such strong competitors and much larger names?

The UP3 Touch Dap includes the same very basic support for MP3, OGG and WMA file formats. What is new and apparently the exciting part is the new 2GB and 4GB versions, both of which are said to have improved battery life lasting about 15 hours.

This is by no means great new and exciting news as many of today's phones are capable of much more than this device.  One thing I need to know is what is up with the focus in the press picture? It seems the cameraman was looking at the model rather than the little black relic she is holding. Right now there is still no pricing or release date that we are aware of.